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05 March 2007 @ 09:08 pm
New Orleans in three days. I'm okay with it, my parents are starting to drive me insane and I need a few days away from them.

It's like this...you know when your friends/people you know say something really small to you, but it's negative. They say it just casually and usually it's just a joke but it still gets to you and bugs you for the rest of your life. Basically, my parents do that all the time. And it's constant. Especially my dad. And usually I just shake it off because most of the time they say it offhandedly whenthey're not paying attention or when they're angry. But, hell...it's still painful!

My dad's in this bad mood today though. Terrible. And ever since he got home he's been harping at me for everything I do. First it was the dishwasher, then he practically shot me when I turned on the television ('BUZZ OFF') and after I got home from this meeting he freaked at me and my mom did too. And then my mom has the nerve to talk to me about it and how I need to watch what I say because my 'dad is in a mood'.

What?! Since when it is my fault that my dad acts like a three year old girl and bitches and sulks about everything. I barely even argue with him and he still treats me like an idiot. Like, I get that I can take things for granted especially with this baseball business. But quite honestly, they need to realize that I'm only 16 - not twenty, and I do have feelings. They treat me like I don't even matter. They never say that shit to my brother, it's only me because I'm the oldest and whatnot.

I'm sick of it. I finally told my mom that some of the shit they say to me makes me feel like crap, and she said something slightly sarcastic. Which also made me feel like crap.

At least I tried.
02 March 2007 @ 12:41 pm
No reason for this update really. I stayed hometoday though. It snowed so much last night and then there was freezing rain and even though the roads are pretty good, whatever. I have a headache, probably need glasses...so I stayed home.

I just, basically updated to show off my new icon. I think it's fucking hilarious.

And to do a quiz. :)

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27 February 2007 @ 05:09 pm
I can't believe it. It's been probably over half a year that we've been planning this trip to New Orleans and it's actually one week away. In case some of you aren't aware, I (and several people from my school...most of the football team, about a dozen other girls and some teachers) are going down to New Orleans, Louisiana and helping with the cleanup of the area. It's stunning actually, because even though the hurricane was a year or two ago, most of the areas aren't cleaned up. The football coach, God bless his heart, decided to do this and I can't believe how popular it is.

We're leaving next Thursday late at night and stopping in Nashville the next Friday. It's going to be so fun, I'm psyched. It's going to be a lot of work and it's going to be really tiring, but I'm just happy to be part of it.

It's just scary! A week...and I never realized Louisiana was so farrrr.

AND OMG JENNIFER HUDSON WON! I was so happy for her! I had to admit, when I saw the other nominees and that first Mexican lady came on the screen I got scared. Because, damn that woman can act! But she won! I thought she was really touching and so adorable. And the Dreamgirls medley was all sorts of brilliant! I was actually stunned, not just by Jennifer Hudson (who should have worn that red dress to the oscars and not that brown one!) but all of them. Beyonce sang that song so well and I was really glad for her because at the Grammy's it wasn't exactly the best performance I've ever heard. But she looked beautiful and she said Listen well. But I couldn't help but notice that the parts where JHud sang Listen were fantastic...she totally blew Beyonce out of the water.

But they were all good...it was just..gahh! And the oscars were good in general this year. I say, bring Ellen back for a second year! Or Billy Crystal again, that man is funny.
24 February 2007 @ 07:52 pm
I just wanted to update this:

I found this courtesy of ONTD and I HAD to share it on here for you guys that either a) aren't joined to it or b) didn't play the video. It's absolutely FANTASTIC. Whitney Houston, in my mind, will be the greatest singer ever until I die.

I mean...Whitney Houston...singing And I Am Telling You? How could I lose?!
22 February 2007 @ 06:59 pm
PA Day :) I'm really excited actually. I've been unusually exhausted for the past two weeks, and last weekend I didn't have much time to sleep. I was supposed to work Sunday which would just about killed me since I already have to wake up early and whatnot.

I don't really know what else to talk about. Everything's been very...rushed lately, I guess. I've had to figure out what I want to be when I'm older, pick all of my courses, and actually try to stay awake. All the while, I'm still not even sure that what I picked to be when I'm older is what I truly want. It is, I mean..I picked writer..journalist. I'd be really good at it, but I have this feeling that I'd be a really amazing doctor, or psychiatrist...or something like that. But then I think about it, and I realize I don't really want to do that. I love english, all aspects of it. I love writing and I love how you can have all this freedom, and I love that there's so many things you could do. You could be JK Rowling and do freelance and make hundreds of millions of dollars, or you could be my family friend Rob Russo and want to become a lawyer, and stumble into journalism and still make thousands of dollars. I like freedom, so this seems perfect. But there's still that lingering 'what if' which is quite possibly the most annoying thing on the face of the planet.

But it's done, I've picked my courses and tried to leave all my options open. I picked two sciences, chemistry and biology incase I decide to do something doctor-ish. I picked anthropology/psychology/sociology incase I want to be a psychiatrist or something, history because I love it. English because that's what I (think I) want to do. And media arts, incase a graphic artist appeals to me. Sound reasonable to you?

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19 February 2007 @ 09:26 pm
I'm feeling creative today. I have no reason to, I just am. But...GOD. I hate careers though. It's so pointless...it's like a whole class of 'discovering yourself'. I guess it's okay in terms of..like, I get an education. But I could be taking a course that actually helps me.

Dawn and I have our future plan though! I'm going to get a scholarship to the University of Florida and Dawn is going to apply there. And then we're going to go down together and live with her aunt and uncle and hang out in Florida where it's hot and go to DISNEYWORLD EVERY DAY. OMG.

I'm actually way too excited.

I'm going to go fix my back pains.
17 February 2007 @ 09:20 am
Okay,so...went on ONTD and found possibly the funniest picture in life.

Slightly NSFW?
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15 February 2007 @ 07:57 pm
Today was cool. I was actually so tired, so I asked my mom if I could stay home and she said yes. So, I watched part of Sleeping Beauty and The Swan Princess :).

So, my trip to New Orleans is creeping closer ever so slowly. I'm really excited because it's such a great opportunity. I think too often people my age who are living with shelter, and food and clothing and whatnot take it for granted. I've always wanted to travel somewhere and work for charity, and I was actually so happy that my school was doing it. It's a cheap trip, and we're helping people with our parish in New Orleans. It's such a great opportunity, and I seriously can't wait. I'm rooming with a few good friends and we're stopping off in Nashville and are going to a hockey game and going shopping (even though..like, Nashville. What is in Nashville?). So, I'm excited.

But I'm also massively scared :| Mostly because I'm terrified of that what I'll end up seeing in New Orleans is as bad as they say on television. I'm afraid I'll just burst out in tears in front of everybody and look like an ass. Plus, apparently murder/rape is on the move down there...so that's a bit scary! But I'm still excited. 40 hours of community service hours and a good experience? I'm all over that shit.

Anyway, I found a few pictures on my other computer that I had scanned and they were too priceless to pass up, so I shall scare them with you all :)
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LOL. I love those. Hope you guys did too :P
12 February 2007 @ 08:25 pm
Today was a good day.

School is boring, and my classes suck of course.

But I like it :)

And I'm still awkward around boys.

But I'll deal.

And I finally updated my fanfiction after months. Quite proud, if I do say so myself.

I don't have much to say, actually. I just felt like updating and thought I had more to say. Apparently, I don't.

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10 February 2007 @ 05:38 pm
Is there such a thing as a mid-mid-life crisis?

If so, I'm having it.

I don't know how to explain it. I mean, we all know that I love Disney movies. But it's not just Disney movies, it's basically all of the animated movies I used to watch when I was young. And I've even downloaded all of the music to my mp3 also. Like, The Swan Princess and Thumbelina. OH MANN. I love those movies!

And I seriously think there's something wrong with me. Because the animated characters in said movies actually turn me on :| WTF? It's actually insane. I think it's the singing voices. I'm strangely attracted to male singing voices. I don't even know why.

But yeah,maybe it's just the music. Because the music in movies like this are actually so pretty. Like, the music for Thumbelina was conducted by Barry frickin' Manilow. But it's weird, it'slike I'm going back in time! Hah. Today, I was at the Disney Store and they practically had to drag me out. I wanted EVERYTHING. It was so fun, lmao. I seriously want to be a kid, they have amazing toys now! I totally found a Disney Princess castle and I just turned to my mom and went, "I hate you for not buying me this!"

Oh well :) I like being a kid. What's wrong with watching Disney movies instead of getting drunk on Friday nights? NOTHING. THAT'S WHAT.

ps; new layouttt nanners_77. That's what I forgot to say yesterday.
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